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Incredible Interior Design Plans That You Absolutely Need To Read Right Now

Interior décor is the charm to enhance the look of the house. You would surely desire a high-end-looking home interior and this is primarily because of two reasons. The interior needs to be cozy and comfortable because this is the place, where you put up the feet and relax after a hectic day at the office. Moreover, the focus on key interiors spots such as the living room designs tells a lot about you as a person. It gives out an impression to visitors to your home that you are a quality person. Hence, alongside the exteriors of the home, there should also be a focus on the interior living space designs. A top Kolkata interior designer had a lot to say about some of the trendy design themes, which could make the home interiors look special.

The art deco delight

This installation of these lights could make an impact both as living room and dining room interior design theme. This is a design pattern initially introduced in the 1920,s but is still holding up nicely a century later. There is scope to work out some geometric shapes, graphic patterns on the art deco and it should look stylish, elegant. The outer covering could be anything from polished chrome or brass.

Dining Room Interior Design

A contemporary touch

As a non-professional on home interior designs, one may assume that the term modern and contemporary mean the same. However, in the interior designing world modern refers to the mid-20th-century era while contemporary refers to designs of today. This Kolkata interior designer who also looks into office interior designs suggested some contemporary themes, which you can implement. A perfect theme here would be to implement the simplicity of white, grey colors but with the excitement of occasional colors.

Office Interior Designs

The trend is to go modular

Since the discussion is on contemporary themes one simply cannot miss out on the modular bedroom design ideas. Real estate space today in Kolkata is indeed skyrocketing and perhaps you may not have been able to buy a big home. However, the focus will surely be on the bedroom because at the end of the day this is the place to relax. It is via implementing the modular designs here, you save space and one need not have to spend much on maintenance.

Modular Bedroom Design

The modular kitchen is necessary 

You could ponder over the idea of a modular theme for the bedroom but a modular kitchen interior is a necessity. The kitchen space is the only part of the home, where some serious work is done. Usually, this part of the home first forms the clutter due to constant additions of utensils for cooking, as the family grows bigger. Hence, modular space-saving design themes must be implemented here, and this way you present a nice workstation for the person responsible for cooking.

Modular Kitchen Interior

Why leave the bathroom out

As you are implementing modular themes in every part of the home, one must also implement a modular bathroom design. It is a space-saving low maintenance design concept and there is no harm if you implement it in every part of the home.

These are some of the incredible interior design themes discussed by this reputed interior designer in Kolkata.  You may find it hard to implement but they are willing to come over and help you out.